Vegetarian Articles

Vegetarian food is bascially one of the healthiest food that can be found around. A wide variety of nutrients and minerals are present in vegetarian foods due to the fact that the main source of ingredients used to make these foods are vegetables. There are many benefits of consuming vegetarian foods and it has affected some of the lives of different people in a positive way.

Vegetarian Diet Save Life

vegetarian articlesMrs Lisa Ng, 41, had lymphoma in 1997. She was given just six months to live. But she beat the odds. Last July, she was declared cancer-free. She believes this is because she changed her diet. "I had regular chemotherapy, but the cancer had spread to my spine. My body couldn't take (stronger doses of chemo) - my heart and lungs were swollen and I was semi-conscious. My husband was told I would die or slip into a coma. "I stopped the chemo...I had no alternative but to try the Gerson diet, which is raw organic fruits and vegetables." No salt, no meat, no oil. Each day, she drank nine coffee cups of fresh juices, ate steamed potatoes and a blended soup of vegetables. She said: "As my cancer markers kept going down, my doctor told me to continue what I was doing." Mrs Ng still eats this diet for its protective effects. She also believes in having the right altitude. "I have two young children. I wanted to live. So I never gave up," she said.

From: The New Paper 25th Aug 99